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​Australian designed and manufactured, the 2100 Bed Mover does more than protect workers from injury; it also makes their work easier, less tiring and more enjoyable. We’ve found that once a staff member gets their hands on a 2100 Bed Mover, they don’t like to let go. Pushing beds manually is hard work, especially when you do it all day and cover distances of up to 20 km over a variety of hospital terrains.​ Key Features & Benefits:​

- Prevents workplace injury and related workers’ compensation costs

- Single-person operation

- Easy to operate 360 degree movement for use in tight spaces

- Hands-free attachment

- 500 kg SWL

- Compact and quiet


Staminalift 2100 Bed Mover

SKU: D011-A011
PriceFrom AU$21,250.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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