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Staminalift 2100 Hospital Bed Mover
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StaminaLift was founded in 2003 in Adelaide Australia, by three entrepreneurs inspired to find a better and safer way to move heavy wheeled carts and beds in hospitals. Their efforts resulted in the development of a mechanical system to relieve the stresses of manual handling and to improve workplace safety for healthcare staff.

Since then, Staminalift have focused exclusively on the development and improvement of bed and trolley movers to create a system that is easy to use and proven to reduce, if not eliminate, healthcare workplace injuries.

Today hospitals throughout Australia, New Zealand and several European countries, use StaminaLift devices for patient transfers and moving of other wheeled equipment. We understand the acute care hospital environment and what is important for efficiency and reducing workplace injuries.

We have been driven by two main objectives. The first was to reduce workplace injuries related to manually moving beds, trolleys and other heavy objects around hospitals. The second was to devise a way of connecting to nearly any globally available bed. This latter goal has proven the greatest challenge. The good news is, after a great deal of effort, we have achieved exactly that – a system that is universally compatible with most hospital beds and patient transport stretchers.

During 2012 we launched the StaminaLift TS5000 patient transfer system for the global acute care hospital community. Universally compatible, the StaminaLift TS5000 works with most globally available hospital beds and stretchers.

The response has been tremendous. Hospital staff like driving the smooth dual drive system, appreciate the tight turning circle, but most of all, they like that the TS5000 is ready to move just about any bed or stretcher they can find. For more on the wide variety of beds the TS5000 can move see our Photo Gallery.



Staminalift Bed Movers reduces healthcare workplace injuries by targeting the preventable. Direct costs related to healthcare worker injuries are increasing dramatically. Injuries and fatigue related to pushing and moving hospital beds are common and impact staff morale and availability.

Staff are walking, pushing beds and stretchers between 15 – 20 km per day. Beds and patients are getting increasingly heaver. Staff are vulnerable to injury and fatigue. Morale is low and turnover high.

These problems are preventable. By eliminating the practice of manual patient transfers (in bed), hospitals can reduce injury, cost and service disruption while also improving staff morale and the patient experience.

Proven Injury Prevention – eliminate manual bed pushing and eliminate related injuries

Hospitals can be hazardous places to work and staff loss to back injuries and the associated costs are a major concern today. Staff each day walk up to 20 km pushing and transporting beds with patients. In hospitals where beds are moved manually, fatigue is a persistent problem and muscular strain injuries are common. As patients get bigger and beds heavier, the situation is getting worse.

This is all preventable. Staff don’t need to strain to move beds around, battery powered patient transfer systems – or bed movers – like the StaminaLift TS5000 are proven to not just reduce, but to eliminate bed pushing injuries.

Since 2003, we have field tested and perfected our StaminaLift patient transfer systems in major Australian hospitals. The following example from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital demonstrates the benefits achievable when manual bed moving is eliminated.

Injury Elimination – Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Following introduction of StaminaLift patient transfer units at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, bed moving injuries were reduced to zero.

Proven Injury Reduction
ROI Calculator Picture


Our Return on Investment (ROI) calculator helps you to understand the financial benefits of using Staminalift bed movers. By automating the process of moving beds, you can significantly reduce labour costs associated with manual handling. The ROI calculator takes into account factors such as the number of beds moved per day, the hourly rate of staff, and the cost of bed movers. In addition to the financial benefits, using Staminalift bed movers will reduce manual handling injuries among staff, leading to a safer workplace and fewer lost workdays. Start using our ROI calculator today to see how much your hospital can save with Staminalift bed movers.

ROI Calculator
Univesal Compatibility


While many hospital bed movers can only move a limited range of beds, and few are able to move stretchers, the universally compatible StaminaLift TS5000 does it all. 

The TS5000 is compatible with over 95% of the  globally available acute care beds and many stretchers, including, but not limited to, those manufactured by Stryker, Hill-Rom, Linet and Arjo-Huntleigh.

All hospitals have a variety of makes, models and ages of beds and the chances are excellent that the TS5000 can move them.


Hands-free attachment – no bending needed

Attaching to a bed, stretcher or trolley is completely hands-free. There is no need for bending or grappling with connections – the StaminaLift does it all for you. Simply position the StaminaLift at the wheels of the equipment to be moved and activate the patented StaminaLift “Connect & Lock” jaw mechanism by pressing the connect button on the control panel. Connection can be made at either end of the bed. Once connected, the TS5000 adds only 180 – 200 mm in length to a typical hospital bed.

The jaw mechanism is compatible with wheel bases from 550 mm to 890 mm and wheel diameters from 125 mm – 200 mm.

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Like the newer StaminaLift TS5000, the StaminaLift 2100 provides outstanding manoeuvrability and hands free bed connection. The difference between the two models is bed compatibility.

The StaminaLift 2100 model is ideal for Australian manufactured beds found throughout Australian and Hong Kong hospitals.

The StaminaLift 2100 does more than protect workers from injury; it also makes their work easier, less tiring and more enjoyable. We’ve found that once a  staff member gets their hands on a StaminaLift bed mover, they don’t like to let go. Pushing beds manually is hard work, especially when you do it all day and cover distances of up to 20 km over a variety of hospital terrains.


  • Prevents workplace injury and related workers’ compensation costs

  • Single-person operation

  • Easy to operate 360 degree movement for use in tight spaces

  • Hands-free attachment

  • 500 kg SWL

  • Compact and quiet

  • 3 drive programs to choose from, to suit new users up to experts

  • Bluetooth connectivity 


2100 Bed Mover


  • Unmatched compatibility with acute care beds and stretchers

  • Easy to use – intuitive, effortless one person operation

  • Injury prevention – fingertip controls require minimal muscle activation and an ergonomically correct operation eliminates the muscular strain that is associated with  manual bed pushing injuries

  • 360 degree turning radius – for easy maneuvering through even the most challenging hospital corridors and doorways

  • Keyless control with safety lockout – to prevent unauthorised use

  • Sufficient charge to operate for a standard shift

  • 3 drive programs to choose from, to suit new users up to experts

  • Bluetooth connectivity

  • Compact – operates within standard lifts or elevators

  • Jaw activation indicators for easy, hands-free connections

  • Jaw mechanism adjusts to capture wheel widths from 550 mm to 890 mm

  • Jaw mechanism adjusts for wheel diameters from  125 mm  to the 200 mm wheels found on modern stretchers



Reduce healthcare workplace injuries with the new StaminaLift TS5000 Transfer System. The result of extensive research, development and field testing, the StaminaLift TS5000 Transfer System is unlike any other hospital bed mover. 

Your staff will love using it because it is a pleasure to operate, and you will appreciate it for its universal compatibility – the ability to connect to a wide range of beds and stretchers.

With the TS5000 Transfer System you can move:

  • A wide range of acute care hospital beds including: Hill-Rom, ArjoHuntleigh, Stryker and Linet

  • Most patient stretchers

  • Some linen carts and trolleys

Safety Features:

  • A brake and jaw bypass system for unexpected emergencies

  • Ergonomically adjustable handle position for comfortable use by all operators

  • Automatic braking for safe operation on slopes or inclines u