RIHA Industries is a business operating out of Adelaide, South Australia. With over 10 years of experience in design engineering, breakdown & preventative maintenance and manufacturing in Europe, Asia and Australia we put pride in our work and products.


We believe in a high-quality standard which results in customer satisfaction. Our business aims to design and manufacture new, innovative, high-quality products and is specialised in providing maintenance services for bedmovers, hospital beds, wheelchairs and trolleys. We are using advanced CAD technology to develop our products, which leads to a time-saving process. RIHA Industries is proud to be the inventor of the Easi Rider and other products.

Providing custom-tailored engineering solutions is another service we pride ourselves in. If you would like to receive more information about us, please contact us.


RIHA Industries specializes in providing high-quality repair services for hospital bed movers, wheelchairs, hospital beds, trolleys and other motorized equipment. 

With over 10 years of experience, we know the importance of providing a tailored solution to each customer. The technicians at RIHA Industries understand the importance of adhering to the highest quality standards in every service call we undertake. Since our founding, we have focused on providing personalized quality service and professional repairs to the South Australian health industry.


We offer:

- Breakdown Service
- Preventative Maintenance

- After Hours Breakdown Service

We do carry the most common parts in stock which will reduce the downtime on your equipment. RIHA Industries is specialized in the service and repair of Staminalift Bed Movers. 

Staminalift Bed Mover
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Electrodrive Bed Mover
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Bariatric Bed Mover
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3D CAD Design 

The creation and commercialisation of a new product is exciting as well as a complex process requiring diversity and depth of skills. At RIHA Industries we thrive on new challenges.  Whether your project is small or large, we will tailor our services to suit your needs.

RIHA Industries has the design capabilities, CAD software systems and technology to assist customers with complete component design, refinement and manufacturing. We have the experience, and resources to bring ideas into functional products. Our team can guide you through concept, development of component design, selection of material and finally tooling. Assessments can be made throughout process to maintain cost effective options.

Using advanced technology and software, 3D component models can be developed, or alternatively, RIHA Industries can receive design work already developed by our client’s independent design consultants and create a 3D print.

Overlooking a critical step within the design review can limit alternative component design features and options. Our team members with extensive tooling backgrounds will contribute to the overall project plan to reduce cost, time, and headaches. Through this approach we reduce costly tool design revisions, longer unit cycles, time delays, the likelihood of tool damage or excessive wearing to create an outstanding quality product.

RIHA Industries can also assist you with prototypes so that you can touch and feel the actual result before committing to the final outcome. Our 3D printing technology create outstanding accurate prototypes.

Safety test of portable electrical appliances to AS/NZS 3760

Test and Tag involves two parts: first visually inspecting the appliance for any damage, followed by electrically testing it with a Portable Appliance Tester.

Once tested, the item is placed with a tag to confirm that it has in fact been tested, along with showing who tested it, the test date and when the next test is due. 

The primary reason behind doing testing and tagging is to ensure the safety of the people in the workplace coming into contact with the appliance, while also minimising the risk of an electrical hazard. 

The AS/NZS 3760 is the Australian Standard that provides guidelines and regulations for the test and tag industry with regards to electrical safety of appliances. It sets out recommendations to issues such as test and tag intervals, defines who can test and tag and general guidelines.  

All the technicians at RIHA Industries are qualified to perform test and tag as well for the replacement of leads and plugs.