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At RIHA Industries we are driven by 2 main objectives. The first was to reduce workplace injuries caused by pushing heavy objects such as carts, trolleys, or hospital beds around manually. The second was to devise a way of connecting our battery powered machines to nearly any global available bed, stretcher, or trolley.

Since then, we have focused exclusively on the development and improvement of bed and trolley movers to create a system that is easy to use and proven to reduce, if not eliminate, workplace injuries.

Today, hospitals throughout Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Europe, use RIHA Industries devices for patient transfers and moving of other wheeled equipment. We understand the acute care hospital environment and what is important for efficiency and reducing workplace injuries.

RIHA Industries with its product range and capability of custom-tailored solutions is considered unrivalled and the leading supplier for hospital bed movers worldwide. 

  • How can I prevent workplace-related manual handling injuries?
    Staminalift Bed Movers reduces healthcare workplace injuries by targeting the preventable. Direct costs related to healthcare worker injuries are increasing dramatically. Injuries and fatigue related to pushing and moving hospital beds are common and impact staff morale and availability. Staff are walking, pushing beds and stretchers between 15 – 20 km per day. Beds and patients are getting increasingly heavier. Staff are vulnerable to injury and fatigue. Morale is low and turnover high. These problems are preventable. By eliminating the practice of manual patient transfers (in bed), hospitals can reduce injury, cost and service disruption while also improving staff morale and the patient experience. Download our operator strain study here:
  • Where can I get technical support for my machines?
    Right here! You can create a login and download any technical information available here: Alternatively, leave us a message and will get in touch with you!
  • Where can I buy machines & spare parts?
    Feel free to browse through our online shop which enables you to buy machines and parts directly online: Alternatively, leave us a message and we will get in touch with you!
  • Are there any financial benefits using these machines?
    Our Return on Investment (ROI) calculator helps you to understand the financial benefits of using Staminalift bed movers. By automating the process of moving beds, you can significantly reduce labour costs associated with manual handling. The ROI calculator takes into account factors such as the number of beds moved per day, the hourly rate of staff, and the cost of bed movers. In addition to the financial benefits, using Staminalift bed movers will reduce manual handling injuries among staff, leading to a safer workplace and fewer lost workdays. Start using our ROI calculator today to see how much your hospital can save with Staminalift bed movers.
  • What is Staminalift?
    Staminalift is our brand of Hospital Bed Movers and Transfer System. StaminaLift® Bed Movers and Transfer Systems are powered by two variable drive DC electric motors. A simple one-hand operation firmly clamps and lifts the bed at one end allowing the StaminaLift® to take the load. The combined unit is then easily controlled by the operator with a small joystick to guide the bed in any direction with ease. Read more about how they can help you to prevent workplace-related injuries here:


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Australian Made - Because we care. All our machines are designed, manufactured and assembled in our workshop, located in Adelaide, Australia. Our commitment to quality and sustainability is reflected in every product we make. Choose Australian Made for products you can trust.

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